Paris Lainas


...and no. I am not from France.

I teach Chen Taijiquan since 2004. Since then I give regular lessons in the Shu Jian Association (cofounder) and furthermore teach at the Austrian Chinese Wushu Association, as well as personal coachings and workshops.

On my path of developing my skills I won several national and international Taijiquan competitions.

In 2008 I was certified as a Master of Chen Taijiquan by Chinese Wushu Ministry of the Zhejiang Province in China, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Master Chen Shihong and the Austrian Wushu Federation.

2019 I got a official successor from Grandmaster Chen Shi Hong and represent now the 21st Generation of Chen Family Taijiquan.

From 2010 until 2012 I improved my Taijiquan knowledge under the mentorship of Master Chen Bing in China.

Ever since, I am dedicated to the internal martial art of Taijiquan in its facets. Besides being the art of self-defense, they enrich students by the aspects of meditation, daoist philosophy, body mechanics and internal work.

My goal as a teacher is to develop a trainings method that allows a better understanding and an more effective leaning prozess, to guide my students on their way.

e-mail: info@taichiwien.at
tel.: +43 699 19 20 36 88