About Taijiquan

Taijiquan is an internal martial and movement art from China, based on the principle of polarity (Yin & Yang) of the daoist philosophy.

The focus here is on the development of a mindful mind, the centering of mind, body and movement, as well as the strengthening of the internal body structures.

It movements appears soft and gentle and is occasionally complemented by fast and explosive movements. Exercises with weapons such as the sword, saber, or spear are also part of this system, and ultimately, Tuishou (push hands) offers the opportunity to approach the fighting aspect of Taijiquan with care, control, and playfulness.

Nowadays, this art is particularly popular because of it's positive effect on our health and our being. Mind and body alike benefit from this method, and a practitioner of this art can face the everyday stress with ease and rooted.


Benefits through Taijiquan





Here I would like to explain my teaching methods so that you can get an idea of your training.

1st stage

At the beginning of our training I teach theoretical and practical basics of Taijiquan.

This includes:

2nd stage

Here I accompany you from the external form into the inner principles. The basics of the 1st level should now be connected with all movements of Taijiquan.

This includes:

Further stages

In all further steps, we work more and more internal, until intention (Yi) and movement can be understood and effortlessly used.

There is no ultimate goal here, because the true path is limitless, and the further we get, the further we see.

Privat lessong vs. courses vs. Workshops

Finally, I would like to briefly explain the difference of teaching in the courses, in individual trainings and in workshops.

The regular courses are practiced in a group. Therefore, the pace may sometimes be a bit slower, but the motivational factor (the group dynamics) is higher and financially, such a course is easy to integrate into everyday life.
This type of learning is particularly suitable for those who like to start right away (learning by doing). Again, all the basics are mediated, but they are repeatedly scattered during the teaching classes.

In individual training, the focus is entirely on the student. The training is more organized and focuses on the needs of the individual.
This type of teaching is especially suitable for people who want to make faster progress, who have no other choice (working in the evening) or who may have personal reasons don't practice and learning in a group.

Depending on their content, workshops are aimed either at beginners who want to get in touch with the topic or at advanced students, who want to intensively practice and deepen their knowledge in a period of time in order to get ahead or overcome obstacles.
They are not a substitute for proper regulary practice. True Gong Fu (practice time) is formed by the training that finds a place in your everyday life. Attending 3 or 4 seminars a year will not lead to a satisfactory result, and without the supervision of an experienced teacher, it is very likely to loose the path of Taijiquan.

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