About me

My name is Paris Lainas ... and no. I am not from Paris...

Since 2004, I have been teaching Chen style Taijiquan, giving ongoing classes in the Shu Jian association (co-founder), teaching as a personal trainer and giving regular seminars.

On my way to Taijiquan, I won several gold medals in national and international Taijiquan championships.

In 2008, I received the title of Master of Chen Taijiquan from the Ministry of Sports of Zhejiang Province (PR China), Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (19th Gen.), Master Chen Shi Hong and the Austrian Wushu Association.

In 2019, I was appointed official successor to Grandmaster Chen Shi Hong and thus accepted into the 21st generation of the Chen family.

From 2010 to 2012 I trained in China with Master Chen Bing (20th Gen.) to further develop my understanding and skills.

In 2023, I was finally accepted as a personal disciple (Tudi) of Master Chen Bing and have been representing his lineage ever since.

I am still dedicated to perfecting my art and continue to learn from my teachers & students (!), study the classics, and train my mind and body, as well as my movements.

I strive to analyze and integrate Taijiquan in all its facets. The contemplative, philosophical and meditative aspect, the body mechanics through its internal work and its function as a martial art for self-defense.

My goal as a teacher is to develop a training method that enables a better understanding and a more efficient learning process from the very beginning in order to accompany my students as well as possible on their path.


Paris Lainas